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RPO has been around since the 1940s and has undergone a lot of change since then. In the beginning, before the invention of the computer, everything was manual and paper-based. Today, most of the RPO process is automated and highly efficient.


Simply put, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a business process in which Company A hires Company B to find talented people quickly, and people at Company B are experts at finding good talent quickly.

Firms like these differ significantly from other types of outsourcing providers because they are accountable for the results they give, resulting from designing and managing the entire recruitment process. In addition, outsourcing the hiring process has had a great track record of having the ability to streamline a company’s current hiring system and accelerate access to talent.

A controlled recruitment process significantly increases overall productivity and allows prospective employees to respond quickly and more efficiently to the company’s business strategy. As a result, many businesses now regularly hire qualified people with the right skills in an effort to improve their internal recruitment process.

This solution dramatically improves personnel infrastructure and optimizes customer satisfaction while increasing service delivery efficiency.


With each passing year, the number of companies showing interest in outsourcing their recruitment process grows significantly. Why is this happening? Why is the internal recruitment process slowly dying? Let us have a look:


    Regional laws and regulations differ depending on the country or region around the world. However, employers must be aware of these laws to avoid an accidental violation, or even worse, an intentional violation for the sake of business efficiency.

    As service rules continue to evolve, this often becomes a major issue for HR departments in many organizations. An unstructured hiring process is not only a disservice for the companies involved, but also reduces the chances of attracting highly qualified employees. Using professional recruiting services helps prevent the employers you work with from not complying with the hiring rules.

    RPO service providers usually have extensive knowledge of national and international labor laws to ensure that their clients face the least amount of risk and limited legal exposure.


    The biggest problem faced by the global labor market today is the lack of suitable candidates for important positions in companies. Finding the coveted talent to achieve your company’s goals without the help of an RPO provider can be a nightmare.

    A lot of hiring companies may contact you, promising to deliver results first as quickly as possible. However, these temporary solutions treat just the symptoms. Chalking out a robust RPO plan and then implementing a solid RPO solution with a trusted partner will deliver high-quality output.

    RPO service providers also have extensive and detailed databases of hard-to-reach employees who are well-qualified to fill key positions. The proven track record of an RPO supplier, coupled with exclusive access to these talented professionals, allows client companies to access the services of potential in-demand candidates easily.


    Hiring terms and needs, for most companies, change throughout the year depending on their goals and objectives. Additionally, companies have to adapt to and survive unforeseen market events like the COVID-19 pandemic or the recession of 2008.

    In such cases, it can be difficult to reliably determine labor requirements for optimal performance in the workplace. This is something that a good RPO business can easily get rid of and deal with.

    When assessing the individual needs of different employers, employees could be hired on a project-based or on-demand basis to meet the flexibility and scalability needs of the company while also ensuring that the business manages its workforce with utmost efficiency.


    RPO companies have an extensive talent database collected over years of thriving in the market. This allows them to analyze and predict future trends that will impact your business. They can use this information to advise employers, anticipate potential talent needs, and balance the supply and demand for key employees in key roles.

    RPO providers, therefore, have an edge in the market because they use an efficient and dynamic recruitment system based on carefully analyzed data to facilitate the progressive growth of their partner organizations.


    To be successful in the long term, companies must quickly adapt to an ever-changing business environment. A delay in hiring skilled and innovative talent needed to achieve a goal directly translates to a disadvantage in a competitive business, which could quickly become a very serious problem.

    According to a 2015 Deloitte poll, it takes an average of 94 days to recruit scientists, engineers, and researchers.

    This problem can be solved by outsourcing the process to an independent RPO provider to provide the highest quality of options for a specific job as soon as possible.


    RPO does not mean you have to get rid of all your internal HR personnel. Often, outsourcing just the recruitment function reduces the workload of the HR department by a significant amount.

    This extra time and resources could be diverted intelligently towards more meaningful HR functions like employee development, retainment, or appraisal management.

    By hiring a professional recruitment service provider, HR departments can be confident that their efficiency and productivity will improve dramatically. In addition, when all aspects of the appointment are made through the RPO Company, the HR department can entirely focus on internal issues that arise within the organization.


    Companies around the world are constantly looking for great candidates for their employees. Therefore, the importance of upholding the company’s reputation and image cannot be emphasized enough. Hiring talented people can be very difficult if the company’s internal team of specialists does not have a certain place in the structure of the company’s rewards and values.

    Professional RPO service providers with effective hiring conversations with candidates to reflect the company’s brand, are why talented employees will choose to work for the company over their competitors. Whether attracting external talent or significantly expanding your HR department, a good RPO provider is a great ambassador for your brand and delivers the right message to the market.

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RPO providers do not follow any single, specific model. In general, RPO offers three types of engagement models:

  • Full RPO: Where the RPO provider offers full internal recruitment outsourcing capabilities for your company, including access to their extensive resources.
  • Role-based RPO: In this arrangement, the RPO provider will assume full control of any one specific department or division of a company. For example, the marketing department or the entire sales division of the company.
  • RPO On-Demand: This is on a purely contractual basis that comes with an end date. For example, hire three managers and 75 customer support specialists before the next quarter ends.


The recruitment market is highly complex today. To effectively hire the best people, you need to defend yourself in a tough job market, learn about some related technologies that make your job easier, and mentor/lead candidates. The RPO companies are experts, and attracting talent is a core competency of theirs. They have the resources to hone their hiring skills to navigate the hiring environment and keep up with the latest hiring techniques to meet the needs of their employees. RPO firms also provide deeply insightful statistical data for high-quality talent acquisition.

Depending on what your business is looking for, an RPO solution can include the following benefits:

  • Reduction in overall hiring costs
  • Higher reliance on delivery companies increases the efficiency and productivity of hiring managers
  • Reduction in downsizing times
  • Improvement in hiring alerts
  • Improvement in candidate experience
  • Simplifies and optimization of the ordering process
  • Opportunity cost, more involvement in other important tasks

In the past, RPO allowed only large companies to achieve a higher rate of hiring at a far lesser cost than other hiring options. However, RPO has evolved over the past few years to offer a flexible strategic hiring solution with the added benefit of making their services available for small businesses too.

Small businesses today face their own set of additional challenges like changing requirements. In addition to recruiting and hiring, HR staff in small businesses typically perform a variety of functions, including employee relationship management, training, payroll, compensation, and benefits. Also, varying numbers of employees throughout the year make it difficult for internal teams to hire employees on demand. Recruitment process outsourcing provides process scalability and cost variability. Furthermore, the RPO commitment can be customized and assessed according to the business needs to provide a flexible solution.


Traditionally, companies choose from one of three talent sourcing options: internal recruiters, staffing companies, and contractors. Until recently, few companies knew that outsourcing the hiring process could be a viable hiring solution. Unlike other outsourcing models, the outsourcing process is a strategic partnership that adds value in the following ways:

  • Assessment of candidates: RPO providers look after candidates, guide them through the hiring process, and ensure they have the basic skills, abilities, and motivation to get the job done.
  • Job Marketing: RPO providers can market their clients; work through billboards, social media, referrals, and networks, making it easier to connect with a wider pool of talent.
  • Planning & Analysis: When implemented effectively, RPO providers work with their customers to understand the business aspects of their work and business goals. This allows them to anticipate staffing needs and plan ahead to meet those requirements to achieve all business goals.
  • Applicant Care & Sourcing: It is important to manage the candidate’s experience so that it is reflected in the employer’s brand. RPO providers help clients take care of applicants and manage their experience, whether in an interview, hiring review, or job search. In addition to sourcing talent, RPO providers develop brand awareness, job placement opportunities, and connect with future potential talent through our talent communities and talent channel. On the other hand, candidates can also evaluate some of the arguments and find out in advance if the company is a good fit or no.


Exela HR Solutions is an industry leader in recruitment process outsourcing. With clients present on every continent of the world, we offer a fast and efficient talent acquisition process complete with requisition management and applicant tracking to interview assessments and full onboarding support.

At Exela HR Solutions, HR is what we do — day in and day out. We have a team of HR professionals, each an expert, dedicated to their slice of the HR pie to make sure all your HR tasks are carried out correctly and on time. Not only that, but we bring the best HR practices and robust HR technology to your company that minimizes employment-related risks and helps you take even better care of your employees.

  • Fast and Efficient Talent Acquisition Process: Our well-built networks over the years allow us to find the right talent for your business as quickly as possible. This includes requisition management, sourcing and applicant tracking, interview assessments, offer management, onboarding management, and more.
  • Global Payroll Processing & Full Employee Benefits Administration: Our powerful HR technology that will back your organization, has the ability to deliver payouts globally and on time. We also manage employee benefits like variable-component, hazard pay, overtime, etc., so your employees never get less than what they deserve.
  • HR & Business Partner Services: Dedicated HRBPs for your employees to make sure every issue or concern of theirs is addressed effectively and on time. This includes grievance management, leave management, engagement activities and surveys, travel and expense management, rewards and recognition management, workshops, coaching and mentoring, virtual focus and open house meeting management, and more.

Try Exela HR Solutions today!

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