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Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) is the process of outsourcing some or all of your HR activities to a 3rd party service provider. Areas that are typically outsourced cover payroll and related taxes, employee benefits, health insurance, talent management and development, regulatory compliance with workplace laws, risk management, and employee safety.

Zero headaches. Yes, the biggest reason why many of our customers choose us for outsourcing their HR is peace of mind. They often seek to avoid the difficulty of operating an HR business unit in-house because of the vast amount of knowledge and expertise needed to operate it efficiently. This becomes even more difficult if the company is growing steadily year-over-year. Once you consider long-term costs and ROI, it automatically starts to make a lot of sense to outsource.

Our HR professionals at Exela HR Solutions are long-time experts. Each professional is a specialist in their own domain within HR. This type of organizational structure makes sure each task is carried out accurately and on time. We help you de-risk employment activities while actively helping you take better care of your employees by bringing robust HR technology infrastructure and best practices to your company.

HR never contributes directly to revenue growth. It is an auxiliary service of any business. More often than not it can be a drain on internal resources that could be directed towards direct growth opportunities. You can spend your time wisely by outsourcing your HR activities while focusing more on business development and revenue growth.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but HRO can also help you manage costs. Outsourcing HR tends to provide cost savings over time (versus performing and staffing the same services in-house). HR costs go up in proportion with headcount, but just because you have outgrown one payroll processor does not mean you have to add another full-time employee. Outsourcing your human resources means you don’t have to worry about growing pains. We are fully equipped of delivering exactly what you need, in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, with powerful integrated analytics, HRO also brings the benefit of improved forecasting of future expenses and a decrease in unexpected expenses.

No, we are sure of it because we follow an easy-on/easy-off process.

The cost will depend on 2 factors, the size of your company and the services that you will choose to outsource from us. Please click here to contact us and get a quote.

Yes, Exela will be able to offer your business a customizable, boutique-style solution to meet the specific needs of your company. As a client of Exela, you will be able to contract for the services that you explicitly need.

We would love the opportunity to discuss more with you about our HRO and the benefits that it can provide to your business and your employees. Click here to contact us and we will get back to you very soon.

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