Learning and development (L&D)

Learning and development (L&D)

The main goal of learning and development (L&D) is to empower and upskill individuals by enhancing their skills and knowledge and making them future-ready. Be it developing employees to become better performers or training young professionals and students to nurture their aspirations, our robust L&D strategies help organizations, professionals, and students remain sustainable and competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

  • Leadership Development – Our solutions focus on developing the individual’s skills, knowledge, self-awareness, and confidence to expand their ability to take on leadership roles and responsibilities.
  • People Management Skills – We help managers, employers, and young professionals strengthen their people management skills such as communication, empathy, flexibility, patience, trust, active listening, and more.
  • Technical Skills Development – We understand the importance of technology skills in driving business outcomes. We use our expertise to continuously upskill tech teams and students to enhance their tech know-how.
  • Behavioral Training – Our innovative strategies help our learners become better performers by honing their interpersonal skills, communication, attitude, problem-solving skills, and more.
  • Training Need analysis – Our personalized tools help identify the training needs for organizations, individuals, and teams, and align them with personal and professional growth.
  • Communication and Soft Skills – We use our rich industry experience to help teams, employees, students, and other professionals succeed by boosting their soft skills and interpersonal attributes.
Our training methodologies include:
  • Instructor-led training
  • eLearning
  • Simulation employee training
  • Hands-on training
  • Coaching or mentoring
  • Lectures
  • Group discussion and activities
  • Role-playing
  • Management-specific activities
  • Case studies or other required reading

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Lynx – Exela’s Proprietary LMS Tool Empowering Professionals with L&D Solutions

To effectively meet their Learning and Development needs, an increasing number of corporates and educational institutions have started adopting and adapting LMS (learning management systems) platforms to upskill their learners and boost overall productivity. Lynx, our modern and intuitive LMS enables professionals to create, assign, and manage personalized courses, quizzes, and tests, in just a few simple clicks.

Lynx offers a range of new-age features such as learning paths, analytics and reporting, material repository, auto-reminders, surveys, compliance training, gamification, and more, ensuring the delivery and tracking of high-impact learning. Lynx creates a holistic training ecosystem, making learning interesting, engaging, and meaningful.  Read more

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